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Buy Cereal Carts near me  are unlicensed and unregulated; any cannabis brand operating under the name is distinctly part of the black market underground. As such, the original provenance or creator of Cereal Carts is impossible to confirm. Currently, there are many different manufacturers, hustlers, or “companies” — if you can even describe them like that — that create vape cartridges with the breakfast food slapped on the label, meaning there are now knock-offs of this black market “brand.” A knock-off of a knock-off, in a way.

Buy Cereal Cart online, cereal cartridges, cereal cart for sale, Cereal Cart Official cartridges are Premium Full Gram distillates for vaping experience. Disposable cartridges are in high demand in both legal and illegal cannabis markets. Allowing East Coasters, Mid westerners, and international smokers the ability to puff freely without drawing the ire of cops or co-workers. But unlike customers in legal markets who can rely on state-mandated licensing and testing regulations to inform their vape purchases, cannabis users in prohibition states must instead accept whatever their dealer is offering. And given Cereal Carts official compact nature, relative lack of smell, and resemblance to fully legal nicotine vapes, the products are a perfect fit for illicit cross-country travel via 18-wheelers and USPS mail routes.

List of Flavors Available:

Honey Nut Cheerios
Cookie Crisp
Count Chocula
Boo Berry
Cacao Puffs
Lucky Charms
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Franken Berry
Cap’n Crunch
Apple Jacks
Fruity Pebbles
Froot Loops
Blueberry Pancake Crunch
Cupcake Pebbles

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10 Cartridges, 5 Cartridges


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